How to decorate your apartment on a budget

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How to decorate your apartment on a budget

Buying an apartment is a huge deal! You’ve just spent all your savings and now when you’re moving in you have the urge to splurge on new furniture and decoration. We know that you would love to give your place a complete makeover, but it’s better to save your money and decorate on a budget. Let us show you how!

1. Add some color to your walls

Nothing speaks new like freshly painted walls. This year, emerald green is all the rage, but you can choose any color to make your living room pop out. If you want to paint the entire apartment, choose soft hues that will lighten up the place. Popular shades for this type of painting job are pale gray, mint, pastel pink and soft coffee shades. To add some depth into the room, you can only paint one wall with your favorite color.

2. Go green

Flowers and plants look good in every apartment. They are inexpensive, they purify the air, and they bring much joy. Get some indoor houseplants, fern trees and succulents that are easy to maintain and can last a long time. Place tropical houseplants in the sunny areas where they can get enough light. If you’re good with plants, consider buying an orchid. They are not easy to maintain, as they have the will of their own, but they are absolutely gorgeous.

3. Make a mini travel museum

Enrich your apartment with travel inspired details to treat your wanderlust. Throw some Indian-themed covers, get ethnic carpets, and choose more travel-themed accessories. Ethnic motifs add a cosmopolitan touch and look charming regardless of where you put them. If you actually visited some of your dream destinations put your souvenirs on display.

Urejanje stanovanja v sklopu skromnega budžeta

4. Hang pictures

Buying photo frames and getting your photos done is not expensive at all. Choose photos of your favorite memories, friends, and family. This is an excellent way to give your new apartment a personal touch and to be surrounded with your fondest memories.

5. Let the light in

Sunday morning flea markets are your best chance of finding nice vintage lamps and lanterns that will stand out in your apartment. If you're not a fan of DIY and flea markets, you can ask your parents or grandparents if they are willing to give you old lamps. If lampshades are missing, you can make them yourself. Lamps are a great alternative to central lighting, and the glow they emit makes you feel all warm and cozy.

6. Cover your floors

If you have old wooden floors that you are not really keen on, think about getting small rugs. You can easily move them around. Choose attractive graphic patterns and bright colors. Just make sure not to go overboard with splashy design. If you have pets choose the type of carpet you can easily vacuum and clean.

7. Make it shine

Add a dose of luxury to make your place shine. Get one large mirror to give your place visual depth. Or choose to hang a few smaller ones. Strategically place mirrors to bring some glow to the room, or put them just behind the light source. You can also get mirrors at local vintage stores or get them in your local department store.

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