Online real estate platform vs real estate agency

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Online real estate platform vs real estate agency

Zwelo is the first online real estate platform in Slovenia. We use new technologies to help our users quickly buy or sell properties by giving them all information upfront. We emphasize finding properties online and help property owners to have the best property presentation on the market.

How new technologies are disrupting the real estate market

Traditional real estate agencies rely on online portals to advertise properties, but they still don’t publish all information online. They only post images and descriptions, but it takes more than just words to help buyers imagine how the property looks like. If you want to find out more you need to call the real estate agent and to schedule a meeting with them.

That’s where Zwelo does it better. You can find out everything you need to know about a property on our website. No need to call us, no need to book a meeting. Along with high definition images, we record a walkthrough video that will guide you through the property. Then, there is a 360-degree presentation that allows you to virtually explore the place like you’ve visited it in real life.

Along with media presentation, there is a complete list of facilities, fixtures, and fittings that will help users envision the place and help them decide if the property is right for them.

So, instead of keeping all this information private, we publish everything online. We believe that information should be available to everyone, that property listings should be transparent and that everyone should be able to complete most of the work online or via phone.

Unlike with traditional real estate agencies, with Zwelo you don’t have to book a viewing only to find out how a property really looks like. You have interactive floor plans specifically and accurately designed for each property listed on the Zwelo website. All you have to do is to click on a particular room to see how it looks like and to get a real sense of proportion and room layouts.

The benefits of selling with Zwelo

As an online real estate platform, we have the advantage of using technologies to save time and money both for us and our users.

That’s why we offer our services to property owners completely free of charge. We don’t charge a commission to property owners. Instead, we even invest in advertising so we can be as efficient as we can in selling your property.

But, it’s not just property owners who get to save with Zwelo. All our buyers pay only 1.9% + VAT as a brokerage commission. We know that buying an apartment is a big deal and one of the most important decisions in your life, so that’s why we wanted to help you save.

The safest way to buy a property

Because we work online and work with hundreds of people every day, we invested a great deal or time, resources and effort in technology and safety. Every property listed on our website has been checked and photographed, and for every property, we made a media presentation.

After buyers check out the property online - take a virtual tour, they can schedule a viewing online. To book a viewing online, users need to register and verify account so that we can introduce them to the property owner.

Potential buyers are already interested in the property and ready to make an offer as they know exactly how it looks like. Our online support is available weekdays from 9-17h and on Saturday from 9 to 13h.

After years of professional experience in a traditional world of real estate, we came to the conclusion that users want better availability and complete transparency, and we decided to offer them just that. That’s why Zwelo online real estate platform is changing the world of real estate by lowering the prices and publishing all information online. With the little help of technology we changed the real estate market in Slovenia for good.