Real estate platform - the most advanced way to buy or sell a property

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Real estate platform - the most advanced way to buy or sell a property

We are aware of the fact that we live in a digital era where many businesses had to adapt to fulfill the needs of a modern man. We adopted the internet, smartphones and a lifestyle dictated by the technological revolution, but in many areas, we are still far behind. If the way we work, earn, spend and live had changed, does it mean that the way we buy our homes needs to change too?

Real estate platform - simply better than a real estate agency

Today the process of buying an apartment starts online. One real estate agency will advertise properties on online portals and users will browse apartments online. Even when users hire an agency to find them a perfect apartment, real estate agents start their search online. So, if everything happens online, should we be able to find an apartment by ourselves?

The answer is simple - yes, we should have a way to find everything we need to know about a property online, and we should be able to get help if we need it. That’s why we introduced Zwelo, a real estate platform where you can browse apartments online and get support during your property hunting.

How to buy an apartment in Ljubljana

For every property listed on the website, we create a professional media presentation. Our photographers visit every property and take professional photos, 360 recordings, record a video and make an interactive floorplan so our users can go on a virtual tour of the property.

We know that buying a property is a huge deal and that's why we wanted to offer all the information upfront, so you could quickly decide if a particular apartment is right for you. After going through the property presentation, buyers have an option to schedule a viewing online. Our online support is available for all questions during the day. If you need help with choosing the right place or want to more about how to buy an apartment in Ljubljana, you can give us a call, and we will answer all your questions.

After you schedule a viewing online and have the property owner confirm the set date and time (or suggest a different one) you will get an exact address and go to see the property.

Meet the property owner directly, confirm what you saw online and feel free to ask everything you want. Unlike with traditional real estate agency, we won’t send a real estate agent to accompany you on the viewing. We believe that both you and the property owner can have open and honest communication and that we are far more useful in the office. You can plan your time regardless of our schedule, and we will be available to answer your questions during the day.

Apartment sale Ljubljana

Zwelo real estate platform gives property owners an opportunity to show the property when they find it suitable. As potential buyers know what they can expect in advance, property owners don’t have to spend too much time on hosting viewings. Only interested buyers schedule viewings, as they already know what they like about the property.

When property owners decide to list their apartment or a house on Zwelo real estate platform, we will schedule a photo shoot and list the property on our website. With us, there is no need to look for buyers, as buyers will find you.

Sell apartments with no commission

Zwelo online real estate platform was designed to help you save both time and money. We charge no commission for property owners. All our services, including professional photoshoot and making the entire media presentation, are free. It costs you nothing to sell an apartment with Zwelo, as we will invest in advertising and have your property seen by thousands of potential buyers.

To have a sustainable, cost-effective business model, we charge commission only from buyers, but charge only 1.9% + VAT, so we could help them save money. We know that new homebuyers have a lot on their plate, so that’s why we cut excessive costs and offer the lowest commission on the market.

We do things differently. We help people find new homes and sell properties with no commission. We use internet technology to help you connect, envision and look for your dream home whenever you feel like it. That’s why we are simply better than a traditional real estate agency because we want you to enjoy this process and to feel confident knowing that Zwelo is there to offer you support when you need it.